February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was not only Valentines day in our home but it was also my baby's birthday. My little Valentine is 3 years old now, where has the time gone? Soon there will be no sign of a baby living in this house as next month we tackle potty training. *sigh* I hope it will go as easily as it did with his 2 big brothers.Then we will be on to our biggest challenge Preschool!! Oh I can feel the anxiety attack coming on but I will be strong and force a smile and allow my baby to become a big boy.


  1. OMG When I think of potty training I can feel my anxiety building. I dread it. My little guy is so stubborn, I just wonder how it will go! Plus we have no older brothers to help out! Yikes! At least your little one will have two brothers cheering him on! :-) I'll need all the advice/tips I can get from moms of boys who've been through it before!

  2. Aww what handsome lil men! I bet he'll do great with the potty training ~ he's going to be SO proud of himself while learning. I can just feel it!