June 3, 2010

Home Improvements

We have been up to some home improvements lately here at The House of Jones. I had mentioned in earlier post that we had purchased a new couch set and even tho it is not a traditional over sized, overstuffed, shabby chic couch. Leather can be shabby chic and work in a shabby chic look with the right accessories. I softened the hard lines and modern look of our leather couch with my toil pillows and a crushed velvet throw blanket. Leather is also to this point a smart fabric choice for those with young children.

My fabulous hubby was kind enough yesterday to hang the shelves he painted especially for our boys. Now my next project is to take tons and tons of pictures of our beautiful babies to fill the frames and then some. A task I find easy well because they are just so darn cute!!! That is not a bias opinion all my friends and family think they are adorable too!!! *smirk*

I have a feeling our summer will be filled with projects, adventure, trips, and most of all FUN!!!! I can't wait it seems we are off to a good start 82* degrees is what the days weather forecast is for today.

I hope in my next post I will be announcing the arrival/addition of a new member of the family!!! Fingers crossed everyone fingers crossed.

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