June 22, 2010


Today my Cali Girl in Washington inspired me to create my own *copied* french shabby chic design accessories. I was introduced to a gorgeous shabby chic store in my hometown by my hubby. He himself happened to stumble across it as he was heading to an appointment in town. He said I would love it and that I HAD to go and see this store. * Hubs is a catch I know* Before he could put the car in park I was already calling out things I had to have and gasping and pointing in every direction, I was in heaven!! I wanted everything in the store and swore to him I had a perfect spot in our home to put everything I wanted.

As my excitement settled and my husband hid his wallet, I really started to examine all the expensive and very expensive little furnishings. In my head I kept thinking, I can recreate this, I know how they made this, they want how much?!?! I mean I really loved the items they were selling but thought perhaps there are other shabby chic design lovers on a budget out there. Other people who like me want the look but can't take the price tag. Which got me thinking maybe actually I could recreate the look and blog about how I did it for less and how you can too!! I explained this brilliant idea to my Cali Girl in Washington, Kristie and she encouraged me to do it and so I am.

So Staples, Michael's, and Target here I come!!! I'm going to go back to the shabby chic store in my hometown to take pictures of the accessories I am going to try and duplicate. Candles, bottles, tags etc. and you can decide if I accomplished the task of recreating these items or not.

I ask that at this point in the blog you wish me luck because I will be using a hot glue gun and if a hot glue gun in my possession doesn't make you spontaneously erupt in laughter, well then I'm sure the pictures will!!


  1. Oh I can't wait to see what you come up with! Let me know if you want me to keep an eye out for anything since I visit GW often. I will for sure keep my eyes open for any type of chandelier that you could shabby up.

  2. Thanks Kristie Im gonna start heading out to garage sales and GW as well.

  3. Great idea!! This is exactly what I do too. Also, have you ever heard of Freecycle? (www.freecycle.org) It's a forum where people get rid of good things that they would normally throw away. Each item is posted and it must be free. The giver then decides who may claim the item. You can try to get the free stuff as well as give away anything you may be ready to part with. It's a win win situation for everyone! The idea is to keep good, usable things out of the landfills. It's very similar to Craigslist only everything is free. I have come away with some really great stuff to "shabby up."

    I can't wait to see what you create!!

    Have fun with it.

    God Bless,