June 17, 2010

With My Jaw On The Floor

My father and I had a falling out and really haven't spoken to each other since December. When my husband and I were having our issues I went to my father for support and received none. Instead I was insulted, criticized, and belittled by my oldest sister as my father sat there silently shaking his head yes in agreement with everything she said.* She and her children live with my father, she herself is divorced.* Even though when she was going through her divorce I was there for her she couldn't do the same for me. No she judged me, didn't believe what my grievances were and basically sided with my husband. I left his home in tears and hadn't seen him up until a few weeks ago when I saw him at my nephews graduation. I hugged my father hello but didn't get the opportunity for very much other then small talk. It was after all my nephews big day and I didn't want to ruin it in anyway.

When my husband and I separated it was a very difficult time in my life and I had no ones support accept my other sister Elba and of all people my husband. Now my husband and I have reconciled and have put our relationship first in our lives.We are doing wonderfully *Praise God*.

This Sunday is Father's Day and my boys and I were hoping to take my father to dinner. My boys have been asking to see him, they have no idea of our falling out.I called him from my car to let him know that I was in town and if he had any plans on Friday. He was short, cold, and practically hung up on me. He had plans and I had my jaw on the floor, with my kids in the backseat shouting "Can we go to his house mom please is he home?"

I sat there for a moment then lied to them "Oh no we can't go he's busy right now maybe another day." With disappointment in his voice my 6 year old said "When will he not be busy?" I was so hurt, so angry, not for me but for them!! Doesn't he miss my kids?!?! Doesn't he want to see them?!?! He can't find a way to put up with me for an hour or so so my kids can visit with him?!?! I guess not, so I took my kids to the store and helped them pick out a nice card for their Grandpa and put it in the mail.I don't know what else to do and well there is nothing that I really can do.

I hope you have a Happy Father's Day dad even if you don't want our well wishes.

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