June 2, 2010

Time Flies

So I have been a busy little bee now that the school year is rapidly coming to an end a fact that has hit me very hard because MY BABIES ARE GROWING UP WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! My hubby and I now understand the dozen of parents that have told us through the years children grow up so fast that one day you'll wake up and say where did the years go?!?! We find ourselves making the same face they made when telling us this ugly fact of life. The face of sadness and longing when we look at our babies and reminisce of them in diapers and first words and favorite stuffed toys. As we confidently said to them we will be a parent forever, and now somehow forever just doesn't seem long enough.

So as to not think of my babies rapid growth I have been trying to figure out Twitter. I know how to tweet but have no idea how to post a response or greeting on someone else's Twitter tweet. Finding people to follow isn't so easy either so if you Twitter let me know so I can follow you!!!

1 comment:

  1. Are you tweeting from a computer or a smart phone? I use UberTwitter app on a blackberry and it makes it super easy. To reply to a person, just start the sentence with the @ sign and their twitter name (example" @retrogirl66 - yes, I love chocolate too!" - when you use the @theirname it shows up in their feed as a reply. Hope this helps....