October 8, 2010


Well I finished the Twilight book series and I am happy to report that I am still TEAM EDWARD!!! After reading the Twilight series I dove head first into a book my beautiful friend Kristie sent me. She is the blogette who writes of her life in the blog Cali Girl With A Washington Heart. The book she sent me was a real nail biter, captivating and intense, the book is Promise Not To Tell by Jennifer McMahon, a MUST read!!!

I am so entrenched in reading right now that I decided it was time for me to start a Book Club. All my girlfriends love to read and so I brought my idea to them, so far many of my girlfriends are interested in joining. I think my ploy of enticing them to join my Book Club with promises of margaritas and other delicious munchies might have done the trick. Not many of my girlfriends can turn down an invitation to margaritas. Best of all my hubby was so excited about me starting a Book Club he surprised me with a Because I Love You Gift, a B&N Nook!!!! He is so ROMANTIC!!!! Books as gifts are so romantic in my opinion and my hubby just gave me 3,000. *SWOON*

I am so happy with my hubby and my Nook that I was hardly even mad at him this morning for forgetting to go out and buy milk last night. Leaving me with 3 boys who suddenly were all suffering from and uncontrollable need and desire for cold cereal and milk. It was as utter chaos, Armageddon...NO MILK IN THE HOUSE!!! Well rest easy my biological citizens milk will be restored into your homes by the time you come home from school.So after I fulfill my milk obligation I plan on doing nothing all day but cuddling under my big comfy red blanket and read...read...read.

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  1. I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE Books... did I mention I LOVE BOOKS! Good for you on the book club! and the great hubby!