October 19, 2010


The rain...the rain...the glorious rain has come to Southern California and it is, and was, BEAUTIFUL!! I was jolted awake by the flashes of lightning that danced across the night time sky and the crashes of thunder outside my window. The rain came down heavy with vengeful pings against my window that sounded like hundreds of angry, frantic fingers pleading to be let in.

Under the safety of the covers I snuggled my hubby tightly, waiting for a little voice in the distance to cry out mommy in fear. Amazingly no one called out for me, the storm seemed to have the opposite affect on my 3 little early birds. They seemed to fall into a deeper sleep as if the storm was a lullaby they recognized.

Oh how I love the rain. The various gray hues that mother nature puts on display, changing the colors of the landscape. Against her grays skies a trees presence can appear stronger or more fragile. The surrounding hills can look dark and menacing as if they hide a secret under their thick green foliage. She is like an artist pleased with her work and I hear her cry "Beauty is not only defined by the sun but in all the elements I bare."

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