October 19, 2010


Well I did it a few days ago I deleted my facebook account and guess what? I survived!!! In fact since I deleted my account I have been sleeping heavily coincidence?!?! It was sweet the number of people who wanted me to continue with facebook and I was very entertained by the people who asked me WHY?!?! with shock and disbelief. As if I had suddenly announced I was Amish.(HAHAHA) Life after facebook is very productive and I'm glad I did it.

Suddenly the laundry is getting done and folded and put away. The house is being better taken care of and my undivided attention is being given to those who matter most. Even the dog is happy I'm off facebook!! My iPhone has gone back to being just a phone and not my link to the world. Best of all peoples bad attitudes and problems have no affect on my life and today that is my definition of peace of mind.