October 8, 2010


They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach so to show my hubby how amazing he is and what an honor it is to be his wife I have been busy preparing a special dinner for him to show him just how loved he is. I am making him broccoli and ham quiche for dinner. I have never made a quiche before and for whatever reason it seems like a very fancy dish to make. I am not a very good cook and I can't bake to save my life but today I put all my heart, soul, and love into tonight's dinner. I was even successful in making an angel fruit cake!!! Me the girl who messes up cookies from a log made an angel fruit cake!!!

I have been watching the Cooking Channel and the Food Network and well that perky Sandra Lee got to me with her semi~homemade propaganda.I am so proud of my efforts and I hope my family will taste the love in my meal. Although I am mentally preparing myself for my boys sour faces as they sniff the quiche on their forks. However I'm sure I will come out victorious in their minds again once a bust out my oh so awesome hearts shaped angel fruit cake.

Come on ladies let me hear you...ALL THE MOMS IN THE HOUSE SAY WOO WOO because I did it!!!!


  1. I am the luckiest man alive. I Love you!

  2. Woot woot! Way to go girlie! J and I LOVE quiche ~ yum yum! What did you think? Not too hard to make if you're not making the pie crust yourself. I really suck at making pie crust. J's mom can make it without even reading the recipe and makes THE best apple pie ever. My stomach is now rubbling thinking of quiche's, angel food cake, and pie. I'm doing a little dance of joy for you ~ woot woot!