May 21, 2011

Garage Sale!!

Today is going to be an exciting day for me. Our entire housing development is having a garage sale. A few neighbors put things out yesterday & I was able to acquire 2 new treasures. A non-motorized push lawn mower for $3 dollars, which I love & a child's well used red rocking chair for $10 dollars.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the neighbors are selling today. My new friend & neighbor Danielle,told me she purchased a gas self propelled lawnmower at last years annual garage sale for $5 dollars. I hope to have her luck today with a gas mower also. It would be a treat for me to have both kinds of mowers but I prefer my non-motorized one. It gave me the most amazing workout ever!!

I hope fate smiles upon me today & I am able to find a neighbor trying to unload some ceramic roosters & or chickens, be forewarned you will never hear the end of it if I do. Oh do I dare to dream that I could be so lucky as to find some ceramic rooster & chickens being displayed along with every other used & broken trinket. Just sitting there on folding tables waiting for me to discover their beauty. As a bitter husband with better things to do sits on a lawn chair in the driveway begging me to take these items so he can go back inside.

Do I dream it... Do I dream it... Yes I do... I most certainly do!!
I will post pictures & gloat later. Until then I wish you a happy & glorious weekend.

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