May 19, 2011

Sleepless In Seattle

I can't sleep.
I'm really tired.
My body & my mind are not on the same page.
I really want new curtains for the family room.
I really wish my hubby would help me hang the curtains I have,
This weekend is our anniversary.
We will have been married 13 years.
Or is it 12?
I have the perfect gift for him.
I'm pretty sure he's gonna buy it himself & screw me outta a gift.
It was a really awesome gift.
Why does he always do that?
He is so difficult to shop for.
I hope he gets me a puppy!
That would be so romantic.
An iPhone 3GS and/or iPhone 4 that would be romantic also.
An iPad would be equally as romantic.
A girl can dream can't she?
Well except for me, cause I can't sleep.

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