May 26, 2011

The Gift

So last night I received an amazing gift from my girlfriend and dinner guest Kristie. Some of you may already know my dear friend Kristie from my previous blog mentions. She is the creator of the blogspot blog, Cali Girl With A Washington Heart.

Kristie and I go back years, and our families are very close, and on a recent family visit to her home I was admiring a paper wreath that hung above her fireplace mantel. As soon as I saw the wreath I was totally lost in admiration for the darling shabby chic work of art.

Upon noticing me swooning over her wreath Kristie nonchalantly informs me that she had made the paper wreath herself, just for the fun of it, and that she was more than happy to make one for me as well. I couldn't believe my ears, SHE had made these gorgeous paper wreaths that adorned her home and she would make one for ME!!

It was in that moment I understood the sensation of simultaneous euphoria and disbelief that lottery winners experience. Immediately I began envisioning where I would proudly display my new incredibly gorgeous and extremely shabby chic treasure while I smiled and nodded yes to Kristie.

A few days later Kristie and her family come and join us for dinner, and Kristie presents me with my gift. A paper wreath made from the pages of an old discarded dictionary. A perfect choice for a writer wouldn't you agree?!?!

If you are interested in buying a paper wreath from my darling Kristie you can reach her by her blog

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  1. You are so sweet my friend! I'm glad you love your wreath, and I can't wait to see how it looks in your room. Have a wonderful weekend!