December 10, 2009

I Found It!!!!

I hardly slept a wink, I tore the house apart last night searching for my extra large can of Lysol. Last night we had Cub Scouts and well certain things didn't go as previously planned and I ended up hosting 3 dens in my home. Yes I said 3 dens, we had a total of 14 boys and 8 parents, 15 if you count my baby. My house was a disaster it looked like a frat party had taken place in my home.

After cleaning the kitchen and picking up all the crafting scraps off the floor I took a deep breath and headed upstairs to my boys playroom to asses the damage. I'm sure I don't have to explain to you the kind of damage 15 boys can do in a confined space so I let out another sigh and headed to the bathroom to grab my can of Lysol and that's when my nightmare began.

My can of Lysol wasn't in it's proper place, I knew I had a can but where could it be? Why wasn't it in it's proper place? All my boys where fast asleep and I couldn't make an emergency trip to the store and I didn't think my sister would make the 35 minute drive to my house just so I could go out and buy a can of Lysol.

Sweat began to run down my face as I came to the horrible realization that I would have to put all my kids toys away without disinfecting them!! I frantically called my husband who has been away on a business trip these last few days to ask him if he knew where my can of Lysol was and if he knew why it wasn't in it's proper place!! The situation is dire I explained with every passing minute the germs are multiplying and I am helpless in their attack, honey I have no Lysol!!

I searched high and low but to no avail my can of Lysol was nowhere to be found. I cleaned the playroom and washed my hands again and again. Frustrated I went to bed but couldn't sleep. I nodded off once or twice but never fell into a deep sleep.

Morning came and I heard my boys awake and playing in the playroom. I closed my eyes and scrunched my face in disgust knowing they were touching and playing with toys I had not yet disinfected.

Suddenly... elation, I jumped out of bed screaming it's in the garage!!! My hubby had used my Lysol to disinfect some items we had received from a pack leader who at the time had been very sick with the flu. I had found my can of Lysol my big beautiful can of Lysol. As I danced around the playroom I spayed the toys and sang "I found my can of Lysol ha ha ha ha ha the germs are gonna die la la la la laaa."

*SIGH* A Christmas miricle I love stories with happy endings.

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  1. You are my lysol-soul-sister I swear LOL
    Love this post. I keep Lysol on hand always...especially the new one that says "good for soft surfaces"...but my other fave is Clorox Anywhere Spray for disinfecting the kitchen, and for cleaning doorknobs, light switches, and other frequent touch zones....