December 14, 2009


Last night I became aware that my POTTERY BARN catalog is my pornography. After putting the boys to bed I climbed into my bed giddy with excitement clinching my POTTERY BARN catalog. My post it's and pen at the ready for me to note what items I fantasize buying to make my home visually perfect. With each turn of the page I would groan and giggle, gasp and sigh. My eyes wide looking over the images inspecting every little detail over and over again.

I was making so much noise that my hubby had to peek in on me to see what I was doing "I'm looking at my POTTERY BARN catalog" I said. I invited him to look it over with me and fantasize how beautiful our house would be if I bought these things to decorate our home with. He looked at me the same way a dog looks at you when you make a weird sound. I smiled as he went back to his office then I let out a hearty laugh, I felt like a teenage boy who had been caught looking at a nude magazine.

It's funny the things that excite and entertain you as you get older, Lysol and POTTERY BARN catalogs one might say I'm a very dirty girl. *smirk*

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  1. *chuckling* I love PB too...but my wallet doesn't love their prices unfortunately. I get the same way over some of the retro/mod stuff at Ikea. Antique stores with 1950's stuff is my REAL addiction....