December 4, 2009

Baby Don't Go!!

It is that time of year, the time of year when a mother starts to realize that her baby is no longer a baby but a toddler, a little boy. The only evidence of a baby left is his diapers and even that evidence is quickly being taken from me. Like most I thought I had more time I thought it would last a little bit longer but it is very clear today there is no baby here.

The King of all my wild things is speaking more clearly making his commands easy to understand. The baby gate that at one time caged him in no longer holds it's power. No bottles, no soothies, no clothes with the word months on his tags no now all I see is that big letter T. My baby is gone and now all I see is a mischievous little toddler looking back at me. *sniff* *sniff*


  1. Mine's not too far behind...he'll be 18 months in about 10 days! I can't believe how the time flies. It's amazing how fast they grow and change. Take 1000s of pictures...that's the best way to preserve those precious moments :-)

  2. Aww the little man is growing up..... It's an exciting time even though it's bitter sweet! He's is transforming right before your eyes and what a blessing it is that you're home with him to see it all! Hugs to you my friend and all your men <3