December 21, 2009

Am I A Scrooge?

Christmas is coming in just a few days and my anxiety is rising not because I have not wrapped a single gift but because soon the frenzy of my children taring into their gifts on Christmas day will occur and with all that frenzy comes tape, wrapping paper and bows and those darn twist ties that hold the toys in their boxes all over the floor.

I can't wait to have my house back in it's "normal" state. Does that make me a Scrooge? I hate to think so, I guess it's just the organizational side of me. You know the everything in it's proper place side of me. That side of me that says when you finish eating you rinse your dish and put it in the dishwasher you do NOT leave it in the sink to ferment and grow mold or any other kind of bacteria.

Well Christmas is coming and bringing it's mess with it but it is also bringing love, smiles, family togetherness, and good will toward others. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.Let us all remember the true reason for this most glorious season.

1 comment:

  1. We will be putting the wrapping paper right into a big trash bag I hate messes too. Hope you and your precious little guys have a wonderful Christmas!