December 2, 2009

Just Call Me Bitter

Vanilla coffee is not the only thing brewing in my home today their is also a big pot of bitterness brewing, bitterness for my hubby's employer!! Funds that were intended for my formal living room makeover have been TAKEN FROM ME!! So my vision of a Shabby Chic Christmas has gone from Shabby Chic to just plain shabby. *growl*

Well I shouldn't say that, I just have a hard time finding my patience when I am excited about a design idea for my house. My home looks wonderful with all our Christmas decorations up even if I don't have the toile pattern pillow covers and curtains that I wanted. It is still somewhat of a Shabby Chic Christmas if nothing else a whole hearted attempt at creating a Shabby Chic Christmas.


  1. I understand how it feels to have something all set in your head and suddenly be thwarted from achieving what you envision. It's very frustrating. Hope you can still find a way to make your decorations reflect your love for your home and family and enjoy it the best you can.

    Hope he didn't lose his job? Hope all is well for you otherwise. Take care, happy holidays!

  2. Hi Retro Girl!! Yes all is well with us no loss of job just change in commission policy.