December 18, 2009

Snow Globes

I have decided that one of my new years resolution will be to start collecting Parisian snow globes. My only problem being that I am not exactly sure where to find Parisian style snow globes, DARN IT!!

I'm sure there is a snow globe .com website somewhere so the hunt is on for these illusive snow globes that I plan on proudly displaying in my front living room once I find them.

Perhaps one day my desire to visit Paris France will out weigh my fear of flying and I will be able to add as many Parisian snow globe to my collection as my heart desires. Until then these beautiful snow globes will have to be the windows to my Paris dreams.


  1. can find just about anything there :-)

  2. HAHAHA Retro~Girl you always come through for me with solutions to my problems!! Your blog should be an advice site Ask Retro~Girl =0)