January 22, 2010


Today HLN broke a story about an obese women weighing some 300 plus pounds who killed her children's father by sitting on him, she squashed him to death. I am not trying to be humorous this is not a joke apparently he was face down on the couch when she sat on him and well he suffocated and died. What is even more shocking and yes it does get even more shocking is not only the matter in which this man died but the fact that this women only received 3 years probation for killing him!!

This story is just so bizarre and maybe I am morbid in my curiosity but I want to know exactly what he said to her to make her sit on him out of frustration and anger? Do you think her friends and family are scared of her now? Will the state take her children away from her? Can she loose custody of her children over this? Is part of her probation that she has to loose weight so she can never kill someone like this again? How will her children explain their father's death to people? Will she be on Oprah? Who would possibly date her now? Oh there are just so many questions and little to no answers.

As horrible as this may sound I am mildly entertaining by this story. I hope I am not the only person who find this bizarre story mildly entertaining. As I type I am having trouble NOT smirking or giggling. I can't help but imagine her sitting on his back and head with his skinny little arms and legs flailing wildly and her just cursing him out. It's wrong I know but I seriously have never heard of such a thing. I have never heard of a women killing her boyfriend/baby daddy by sitting on him!!

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  1. What the heck? I haven't been getting RSS feed updates from your blog lately. I kept thinking you'd dropped off the face of the planet, but of course you had not. Blogger is just being snarky and selfish and not sharing your posts with me.