January 21, 2010

Here Comes The Rain Again.

It's raining it's pouring that old man has got to be snoring because California is sinking!! Someone pull out the stopper and let the water drain out because my 2 year old needs some outdoor time!! My poor little man is missing playing in the dirt with his dump trucks. He is like a humming bird trapped in a shoebox, it's funny when he sits outside on our little dirt hillside with his dump trucks and shovel he is as quiet as a mouse happy as a clam it is as if the dirt puts him into a meditative state.

The weather man says it is going to rain for another 5 days!! Oh what will I do with this little outdoor boy of mine?!?!! I am starting to get a little worried by the wind because it is blowing very hard and has been knocking over very large pepper trees and blocking our roadways. We have even seen some realtor signs knocked over by the wind. As a Southern California native I can tell you we are not used to this type of weather that's why it is the only news being shown on our local news channels. Tough luck Haiti;California is getting rained upon and the Governor has declared it "A STATE OF EMERGENCY".

Yes the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Govenator as we affectionately call him has answered the call of city officials and declared us a state of emergency because a few months ago we had large wild fires and those burned areas are experiencing mud slides and the people have been evacuated from their homes. Also the rain has brought record snow fall in our local mountains so the emergency in Haiti has taken a back seat in our news reporting. It is Storm Watch 2010 with reporters all over the county reporting on what the rain looks like in that city. Also we are having thunder and lightning storms and the occasional mini tornado's that blow down fences small trees and patio furniture.So I guess we will see you in 5days or so Haiti you and the rest of the world.

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