January 9, 2010

Dog Fight

The above photograph is what my across the street neighbors dog looked like only his dog was a little fatter and the dog was a female. I say WAS because this past week the dog had to be destroyed because it viciously attacked it's companion dog, the dog it had been raised with. Why did it attack the other dog? The neighbor said the dogs were fighting over a bone. A BONE!! The neighbors pit bull attacked the other pit bull mix over a bone and nearly ripped it's front leg off!! The dog was so badly hurt it had to be put down.

The story begins Tuesday as my hubby left for work and was getting into his car the neighbor was outside with his 2 dogs off leash ( as always because they are the sweetest dogs ever according to him!!) they began to fight in the street,fur and blood where flying and the neighbor was beating the dogs with a shovel to get them to stop but it had absolutely NO AFFECT on the dogs. They neighbor laughed and placed the dogs in his backyard and left for work. The neighborhood was left to hope that his rickety fence we have all begged him to fix would not accidentally open as our children walked to school.

Thursday afternoon about 4:30p.m. all hell breaks loose we hear noises and high pitched screams many neighbors who are home come running out of their homes confused and scared by the the noises. The cross the streets neighbors fence is bowing and the screams are coming from behind the gate. The pit bull is attacking the other dog and the dog is screaming. The screams sounded like a cat or small dog it could have been a child!! As the neighbors yelled at the dogs and rang the doorbell we were helpless to stop the fight or help the dog.

Blood was everywhere there so much blood I had never seen anything so gruesome in my life. The police were called and animal control came out as we waited for the authorities the owner of the dogs was called by his son and he was pissed off at us!! His neighbors for overreacting he said "They are just animals and they fight in my backyard, it's okay no big deal they fight over bone." He felt we are all neighbors and friends that we should look out for each other and that we should have come to him. My husband was more than happy to remind him that we have come to him and that we didn't like his dogs and thought it wasn't fair to your neighbors to have this breed of dog where there are so many children and across the street from a elementary school.

I love animals but I hate this breed of dog. No other dog scares me more than this breed of dog and thanks to the freaking Dog Whisperer talking about it's the people not the breed more people who normally wouldn't consider this breed of dog for a family pet are buying/adopting this breed of dog. I love the Dog Whisperer but if I ever see that guy I'm gonna yell in his face "No Cesar it is the dog I am all for banning the breed." It reminds me of that load of crap guns don't kill people, people kill people you know what I say to that cameras don't take pictures, people take pictures one can not exist without the other.I hate this breed of dog but I hate knowing that this danger was right outside my door this whole time.

~* NOTE *~
The dogs involved in this incident never showed any aggression to this level prior to the fights. They did dominate the family and often times would jump and knock down the teenage daughter who would call out for help and run away from the dogs. Proving the point that these dogs are very unpredictable and could turn on their owners. Personally I think it was only a matter of time.


  1. I have been a dog lover my whole life and feel I have a good knowledge of most dogs...but I do not feel comfortable with this breed at all. I am a big believer in obedience training and leash laws, fenced yards for dogs, etc. But...My opinion is that these particular dogs, no matter how well bred or trained, have a very deep seated instinct towards fighting and violent attacks...they are ticking time bombs waiting to go off and are very unpredictable. They have banned this breed in Ontario Canada due to so many attacks and deaths. I don't understand how many animals and people have to be maimed and/or killed before the U.S. also takes a stand and institutes some sort of ban.

    There is a house down the street from us with 2 of them...they're kept in a locked garage all day while the owners work and when the owners are home, they're left in the back yard all day unattended and they run and pounce on the 4-foot (also rickety! not professionally installed) picket fence and jump on the picnic table so they can see over the fence. So far, they've only barked their heads off if I've walked by....but I worry that some day they will decide to jump on the table, and over the fence and come at me and my dog, and child. It's ridiculous that you have to fear for your family's safety and feel you cannot walk in your own neighborhood.

    I think you guys and your neighbors did the right thing. I am glad that no children or people were hurt. It's sad that the one dog had to suffer so badly, and that both were put down, because in my opinion, their owner's negligence as a pet owner caused it.

  2. Retro Girl I hope your family continues to be safe around these animals. You would not believe the disturbing images I saw online when I was looking for a photo of a Pit Bull. The images gave me nightmares this is such a dangerous animal and I too am at a loss over what it will take to have this breed banned.