January 11, 2010

It's Not You It's Me

Why?...Why?...Why did you decide not to follow me anymore #16? You made me feel important you listened to what I had to say and on occasion left me a comment. What did I do wrong? I can change just give me another chance, don't go please follower #16 don't go...COME BACK TO ME #16 COME BACK!!

To all followers of this blog I love you, I love seeing all your faces when I log in I love writing and I love writing and thinking you are actually going to read what I wrote. I love thinking that what I wrote might make you smile or even laugh. You make me feel important and valued. You give this stay at home mother a chance to have a sometimes one sided adult conversation. I love the power...THE POWER!!! *MUAH HA HA HA*

Honestly I am not crazy and I really hope this is reading the way I intended it to. It is meant to be funny and make fun of the fact that I obsess over how many followers I have, I want everyone to like me. I follow other blogs and think to myself how did they get so many followers? I want 30 followers, it is my online Carrie Bradshaw blog spot fantasy and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I think I have professed before that I am a dork and here is another prime example of it. I sinisterly hope you all understand my sense of humor and do not decide to simultaneously drop me from your list like a hot potato. I just love having a blog I love to write it gives me a sense of importance like I AM MORE than just a wife and mother. That my ideas, views, and opinions are not silly (well some are *grin*)That there are people out there just like me. People who are sometimes intense clean freaks who hate germs. People who laugh and point when someone falls, people who have a sarcastic sense of humor, people who are also disgusted by the injustice in the world. My blog makes me feel simply put that I am still Kika Jones!! Also I love the instant gratification you get when you click on the PUBLISH POST tab.

I feel like I have just been rambling on and on in this post perhaps an indication that I need more coffee. Perhaps it is an unwise decision to blog when you are not fully caffeinated I guess I will let the followers comments be the determining factor. I hope you all enjoy your Monday and I certainly hope my nerdiness today has made you laugh I know I am amazed by it.

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