January 18, 2010

Survay Says...

An insight to how my mind works, I got a lot of feedback when I posted this question on my face book page and was so entertained by my own question I just had to post it on my blog and get your response.

If a man has a tattoo on the small of his back is it also considered a tramp stamp?

Some of you may be laughing right now and thinking to yourselves where does she come up with this stuff?!?!! Well sometimes I ask myself that same question but how this particular question came up was when some of my girlfriends started commenting on how hot one of our former classmates is. He has a profile on Facebook and it is true the years have been very kind to him and as I was looking through his photos I came across one of him working out.(He is a life coach and personal trainer)

When there it was, I thought to myself is that what I think it is? I got out of my chair and put my faces just inches from my computer screen. I got as close as I could possibly get to make for certain that I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing. A devilish smile crept across my face as the realization of this glorious fop aux appeared to be true there on my computer screen for all the world of social networking to see. On his beautiful muscular back he had a single tattoo located right on the small of his back, it was a TRAMP STAMP!!

All that was handsome about him had faded away and all that was left was that ridiculous tattoo. I thought this is wrong a guy with a tramp stamp is like a guy with a belly button ring, it is just all kinds of wrong.

Now by definition his tattoo was a true tramp stamp. He had no other tattoos on his back but the stamp. If a women has a tattoo located there it is affectionately called a tramp stamp. Now he did have another tattoo on his arms but the 2 tattoos had no correlation to each other visually by design. They were 2 totally different tattoos.

So what do you think if a guys has a tramp stamps does it show a complete error in judgment? Are tramp stamps are for girls only? Or is it a warning to women to watch out this guy will use you and abuse you?

I hope you had a laugh reading this post and in case you were wondering the answer is Yes, I do have a tramp stamp and in my glory days it brought me LOTS OF FUN!!!

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  1. I LOVE your posts and look forward to reading them each time you update girl! You always give me a giggle and have a wonderful saucy sense of humor! Muah!

    And YES ~ He show a complete error in judgement cuz we know why those stamps are put there.....