April 20, 2009

Disaster in the Morning

My Monday morning started very calm, very peaceful. I got to snuggle in bed with my hubby for 30min. We kissed, laughed, talked, and both agreed that all our boys woke up looking more beautiful today than they did yesterday. Our big boys soon joined us and we had what we call in our home "family bed". We snuggled our boys asking them if they had wonderful dreams, what they expect from the day and tickled them just to hear them laugh.

Our youngest, the baby was in his crib watching a movie and enjoying his bottle. He is slow to rise in the morning. He's not the type of baby to get up and start playing right away. He needs time to wake up and stretch. Contemplate his day is he going to play with play dough or his trucks. Does he want to worry mom today and eat nothing at lunch. Nap or not to nap these are his questions.

So I got the two big boys ready and off to school with no issues. It was time to get the baby ready for the day when DISASTER!! As I walk around the corner there he was standing in his crib naked. The baby had taken off his poopy diaper and was standing there a naked mess with only a smile to cover himself with. Lucky for me my husband was still home to help me take control of this smelly situation. It was everywhere!! I quick ran to the bathroom and started the shower seeing how my husband was already ready for work I was the lucky one to get into the shower with the baby and scrub my angel clean. It was as I frantically cleaned the poop out from under his fingernails that I came to the decision that we will have those scrubby nail brushes in every bathroom and shower in this house. I washed my poor baby over and over no less than 3 times.

As I scrubbed the baby my husband was nice enough to remove the poopy sheets and blankets and ready them for the wash. Almost 4 hours later and I cannot get the smell of poop out of my nose. I use Fabreeze, Lysol wipes, Windex, and scream "GO AWAY GERMS!!" but this is just another page in the life of a stay at home mom. I thank God that this is the biggest problem I have had so far today but don't find God's jokes very funny. Especially when they involve poop!

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