April 22, 2009

Does Anybody Know?!?

Just wondering when my big boys will remember to wash their hands after they use the bathroom. When will they understand that when I say wash your hands I mean with soap not just wet them!! They go to the bathroom and come out and just go about their business like nothing. Also at what age does a child remember to flush the toilet? Or learns how to flush the toilet? My boys seem to think this is my job or that people are interested in what has just come out of their bodies. I spend my days trying to kill the germs in this house to keep them healthy and they go to the known dirtiest room of the house and walk out without a thought of washing their hands!!

I often wish that outhouses were still acceptable. It really grosses me out to think there is a special little room in your house that's sole purpose is for you to defecate in. I know an outhouse is an inconvenience but maybe people had it right back then. Not one of those wood kind but a nice cinder block shed like building is all I'm saying, you know like the kinds they have at the baseball fields. I don't know, I will just have to fight the good fight clean the bathrooms, flush the toilets, and keep yelling at my kids " Did you wash your hands?"

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