April 18, 2009

To Do List


I must make the beds so that they look perfect. The pillows must be perfectly arranged and all the beds must look as if they have NOT been sat on.


Clean and scrub all bathrooms and take out all bathroom trash. All germs are killed and the bathrooms smell and look fresh and clean, so that my family and friends(visitors) feel comfortable using the bathrooms.


Hardwood floors must be swept everyday. Even though I have dark hardwood floors the dirt and dust shows and so does your footprints when you walk on them barefoot. So with 3 kids, 1 dog(Chihuahua they shed a lot) a bird and 2 adults my floors get dirty very quickly!


I have gotten much better with regards to my vacuuming. This will only be the 3rd time this week that I vacuum. I have to vacuum today because yesterday I walked upstairs with my shoes on. Before I would vacuum everyday, well i would do this "To Do List" everyday but then I cut back to 4x a week and now I am at 2x a week so, that I feel is a big improvement but I do sometimes miss doing this everyday. I vacuum so often because the idea of dust mites affecting my family's health really upsets me.

Also pet dander really freaks me out. Did you know that everyday a human being sheds approximately 5 grams of dead skin. A single pair of dust mites can survive on that 5 grams of dead skin for 1 year and in that years time that single pair of dust mites can multiply to over 1 million!!! All because of 5 grams of dead skin that wasn't vacuumed up. We are a family of 5 now tell me that wouldn't keep you up at night.


Mop, mop, mop, your house mop it sparkly clean!! I love how my house looks so sparkly after I have cleaned it from top to bottom and finished it off with a nice mopping. If you clean your whole house and you don't mop your house looks unfinished, dull, and incomplete. They say all good things come to an end and that is very true I say because by the end of the day my house looks somewhat duller than earlier in the day.

* Foot Note

Even though I did not mention my kitchen, it is cleaned constantly throughout the day. Also I dust daily because I do not like to see fingerprints on the furniture.

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  1. I always noticed how clean and beautimous your house is, but I never expected that you had a PROBLEM! :) My goodness gracious girl, we need to get you on wife swap so you can be up to your eyeballs in bunny terds, dirty laundry, and general chaos to see if we can temper your natural inclinations. I suspect Brockie is giving your OCD a run for its money.

    xoxo Caroline