April 27, 2009

Will You Please Eat!!!

Every morning you hear the frustration in my voice as I beg my kids to STOP TALKING and EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!! My 5 year old is the worst. He sits on his chair and asks me questions he already knows the answers to. His food gets cold, the time ticks away and he just keeps talking without putting a single bite in his mouth. This irritates me to tears, I don't want my child to go to school hungry and God forbid one of the schools staff members or his teacher think that I am neglecting him, he is very thin it could happen!!

I wouldn't mind playing 20 questions with him if in between his questions he would actually eat!! As a mother the thought of your child being hungry disturbs you. When your child says "Mommy I'm hungry" we spring into action and make them something to eat, to make it all better for them. To make your child something to eat,serve it to them when you know full well that they are hungry and they don't eat it no matter how much you beg, yell, or threaten them is just maddening!!

I just hope that lunch works out in my favor today so my nerves will settle down and these ugly thoughts of my child is starving will go away. Now where did I leave my Zoloft!!

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