November 27, 2009

Bring On Christmas

Well I am still stuffed from yesterdays fabulous feast and now the hectic frenzy that is known as Christmas can begin. Time to bring out the Christmas decorations, start addressing Christmas cards, and filling our homes with the delicious smells of holiday baking. Christmas pageants and Secret Santa's what a wonderful time of year.

I need to start on my front living room project and finish my bedroom armoire. I know I said I would post pictures but a funny thing happened when I placed the armoire in my bedroom it changed the character of the room so much that I need to go out and buy new curtains, lamp shades, and a comforter set. So I don't want to post any pictures until the whole room is put together. I want you all to have the full affect of what I am trying to create I guess it is the perfectionist in me. I hate having incomplete projects it affects my concentration with everything in my life.

So today I will finish the ageing process on my armoire put up the new curtains and well I should say I HOPE to finish the ageing process all my babies are home enjoying their holiday from school so I will just have to accept that I will accomplish what I can and enjoy them the rest of the day.

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