November 11, 2009


Well the armoire is here my hubby kept his promise and brought it home!! Now it is not a "true" armoire, it is a television armoire that is made to look vintage but I don't care cause it is scratched up and looks old my two favorite qualities in furniture.Now I find myself trying to convince my hubby of placing my new armoire with a smaller television in the downstairs family room and moving the big screen television upstairs to the playroom.I am hoping the fact that the big screen television weighing considerable less than the armoire making the big screen easier to move will be the persuading factor for him.

I have become obsessed with collecting old vintage photos.I am not certain how I will use them as accents of design in my house just yet but I think I might have an idea.Should it matter that I don't even know these people? I don't know I just love vintage photographs their look, the expression on the peoples faces and how in the photos the sense of innocents,simplicity,and virtue is captured.When I figure out how to display them I will post pictures of my completed design project to share with you.

Today my boys have the holiday off from school and from the playroom my wild things are making a raucous as my 2 year old is clearly King of these wild things!!What a wonderful surprise for my baby today to have his brothers home to play with and spend his day with he misses them so much when they are gone at school all day.


  1. I am so excited for you on your new treasure! You must post a picture so we can see the "before" ~ before you make it your own! Have fun today with your little ones my friend!

  2. What a lovely surprise...I bet the armoire is beautiful :-)