November 9, 2009

A Great Weekend

What a lovely family weekend I had,on Saturday we had a family outing to San Diego to see the Broadway production of The Lion King. It was amazing and the boys were mesmerized it feels so good to expose them to culture and art.We attended the play with my brother~in~law and his family and my husbands mother.Afterwards we all went out to dinner it was simply a wonderful day.

Then on Sunday my dear sister~in~law gave me the most wonderful gift she gave me an old scratched up armoire!! BLISS I have wanted an armoire for some 10 years now the armoire was just sitting on the side of their house.I said to Shannon why on earth do you have this beautiful armoire on the side of the house? That's when she told me they were going to GIVE IT to Good Will and if I wanted it I may take it.Can you believe it they were going to just GIVE IT to Good Will. My jaw was on the floor and I couldn't get the words YES I'll take it out of my mouth quick enough.The hubby and I are going to paint it and put a crackle finish on it give it a shabby chic makeover.I just can't wait to pick it up and have it here in my house, what a great weekend!!

Today has been such a laid back Monday tomorrow is going to have a wonderful start I finally made it to the store to buy some french vanilla creamer. I am so addicted to my vanilla coffee it verges on the edge of ridiculousness.My poor hubby he tries to help me and gets so frustrated when I tell him he brought home the wrong things.I have also been actually taking the time for myself and knitting it feels so good to put myself my needs on the to do list I highly recommend it to everyone.Well that is all from me today I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

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  1. hahaha I need some sleep, the word I attempted to spell is armoire!! Gosh am I spelling it right?!?!!