November 5, 2009

Tea Time

What a semi~wonderful night I had last night, my hubby is out of town and without his presence in bed I find like most couples who have been together for some time that it is difficult to sleep without them. So last night I decided to knit and watch Pride and Prejudice from my big empty bed,it was heavenly!! An evening to truly enjoy myself, one can never go wrong with an evening with Austen I can't wait to do it again tonight.

This morning from my bedroom I hear uncontrollable laughter as my two little boys play under the covers and I rediscover my love for hot tea.I am not really a coffee drinker although I did get snagged on vanilla coffee but my first true love has always been tea. It soothes me from the inside out relaxing the tension in my back.

~* Note To Friends *~

I don't know if you noticed I added a music player to my blog with the help of my favorite girl Kristie of ~* Cali Girl With A Washington Heart.*~ I set it up to give you the option to hear the songs or not because my music taste might not be your cup of tea. *wink*wink* Get it? Your cup of tea? I am just so easily amused,anyway I hope you like it.


  1. So happy to see you've added your book to your site! Perhaps you should add the link as well in case any of your followers would like to purchase it.....

    I might just have to visit our local library here and check out some of Jane Austens works.... I'm know I have watched movies from her works, but I have yet to see Pride and Prejudice.... I know, I'm a little behind the times! I do love Mr. Darcy though from my previous watchings. Sigh..

  2. aaaahhhhh Mr.Darcy, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite of all Jane Austen works.A classic love story that everyone has experianced in one form or another.Your such a lucky girl Austen in rural Washington. *sigh*